I have the privilege of working with the kind folks at Greenpoint Tattoo Company this February. The dates are the 16th, 17th and 18th. It’s just about booked up, but if you live in NYC, you should stop by and say “hello” anyway.

Once again, the devilishly handsome Khristian Bennett of Mooncusser Tattoo in Provincetown, MA will host a guest spot for me. The dates are July 24th to the 28th. “Hey!!!” Maybe you remember me from last year? Id like to tattoo you again. Let’s make it happen.

Here’s a tattoo to look at:






The realization that no matter how well thought out or how “important” any of our opinions are, they will fall on deaf ears. That is unless you’re one of the handful of true leaders in our flailing industry.

So I guess this message is only for myself. You’ve got to vent somewhere and somehow.

I’ve been tattooing for 10+ years now. While that doesn’t qualify me to make any accusations, it does however, allow me the everyday observations that come with that kind of time spent at tattooing. Here it goes:

We’re all in trouble.

We have over saturated and cheapened the craft that our “fore fathers” have created for us. Or rather, they created it for themselves with NO intention of handing it over to a generation of dumb dumbs like us. I mean for shit’s sake, we’re on the damn television, acting like a bunch of circus monkeys out for our reward.

Guess what, dummies!!!! We don’t deserve the reward. We haven’t put in any of the work.

Tattooing has become a community of babies, feeding from the internet’s tit. Starved for the approval of our peers and the big burp of regurgitated “tradition” the Internet has sold us. And at what cost? We’ve given everything!!! We’ve sold our cars, we’ve broken the piggy bank, we’ve bled our poor parents of their safety nets. That argument you had with your dad about wasting your college degree will be in the back of your mind FOREVER!!!!

Here’s the real news, kids:

The end of tattooing as we know it is coming like a storm. When it hits the coast of this feeble tattoo continent and we’re forced back underground, only the strong will survive. Only the tattooers who REALLY care about what happens to and how the culture is treated will be able to find what’s left of their careers and stake their claim to the future of tattooing. In that moment, the moment of realization and fruition, the wool will be pulled away from our eyes and all the “tattooers” who have been working on their plan B all along, will be exposed. You’ll go back to school, you’ll take that job at the family business, you’ll try your best at selling something cheaper and less permanent. Good luck to you folks.

In fact, good luck to you all. I hope I’m wrong and we can all make money off this forever.

But mostly… Good luck. Read the rest of this entry »